Policy Outline

The Al Awazi International practice meticulously policies and regulations as set by Ministry of Safety and Environment, Ministry of Labour and engineering standards delineated in International Code of Practice.

Quality policy
We exercise the standards set by civil engineering society, clients and industry. Al Awazi implements very high quality standards in all the aspects of a project from commencement to completion and also after service if required. Unambiguous specifications and instructions on the site are emphasized as we understand the communication is the primary aspect of quality improvement. Well equipped working conditions for employees to keep them motivated. Technically experienced staffs within the construction industry are recruited. The process of engineering tasks from start to end is clearly defined in accordance with standards and contract specifications

Environmental , Safety and healthpolicy
It is well known fact and practiced industry wide norm, “safety first”. Of course, care should be taken on personnel and environmental safety. We are aware of our responsibility for the physical safety of employees, clients, consultants and citizens of Sultanate of Oman. We abide by the regulations that are set for safeguarding employees’ well-being and citizens in general.The managers and supervisors are empowered to implement safe work procedures and keep work site free of any peril materials that might endanger ,Accidentmitigation procedures are disseminated through posters, symbolic depiction at the site and safety manuals are also kept. The safety guideline illustrates following important aspects.

  • The organization and individual have responsibility for accident prevention.
  • Guidelines on safety measures before starting job.
  • Conduct weekly job site safety inspections.
  • Specific safety rules for supervisors and craftsman.
  • Orientation for new recruit on company accident prevention procedure.
  • Emergency procedures, requirement of each superintendent to hold valid, current certification on First aid procedures.
  • Procedures for investigating and reporting accidents.
  • Compiling incident rates for monitoring safety performance.

Social recreational activities are organized under the patronization of Al-Awazi International L.L.C. From the view point of Al Awazi, Soccer and other sporting events bring harmony in society, energize youngsters to feel the need for achievement perhaps not only in sports, also in academics. Such events have pedagogical significance in overall grooming of youngsters. In future also such events would be supported.

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