Mobility Services

Our initiative into edge technologies is our commitment to providing better and innovative solutions to clients in the region. This value added support and delivery model is to reach beyond our clients expectations.

As an initiative in this direction we have evolved out the Mobility Solutions which caters to the mobile workforce and assets needs and remote data acquisition needs of the enterprises. This initiative encompasses technologies including RTLS (Real Time Location Sensing), GPRS, GSM to ILS (Indoor Location Services) and RFID. 

Vehicle tracking Systems
The VTS from Trinetra has evolved and matured primarily for the Middle East region. Primary Components have been made as per Gulf specs to endure the extreme heat in this region and rough terrain
The App is a GPS based ‘Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking’  to manage their vehicles and assets. Our product integrates all 3 core ; Location, Tracking & Security, thus providing an integrated solution for your Fleet Management requirements.

This can be locally or centrally  hosted one the fastest servers, providing extensive reports and ease of management with a graphical dashboard.



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